Create a collection of curve vertices.


example picture for curve_vertices()
1import numpy as np
3def setup():
4    random_curve_vertices = 100 * np.random.rand(25, 2)
5    py5.begin_shape()
6    py5.vertex(py5.width / 2, py5.height / 2)
7    py5.curve_vertices(random_curve_vertices)
8    py5.end_shape()


Create a collection of curve vertices. The purpose of this method is to provide an alternative to repeatedly calling curve_vertex() in a loop. For a large number of curve vertices, the performance of curve_vertices() will be much faster.

The coordinates parameter should be a numpy array with one row for each curve vertex. There should be two or three columns for 2D or 3D points, respectively.

Underlying Processing method: curveVertices


curve_vertices(coordinates: npt.NDArray[np.floating], /) -> None


  • coordinates: npt.NDArray[np.floating] - 2D array of curve vertex coordinates with 2 or 3 columns for 2D or 3D points, respectively

Updated on February 26, 2022 13:22:44pm UTC