Draws an ellipse (oval) to the screen.


Draws an ellipse (oval) to the screen. An ellipse with equal width and height is a circle. By default, the first two parameters set the location, and the third and fourth parameters set the shape’s width and height. The origin may be changed with the Py5Graphics.ellipse_mode() function.

This method is the same as ellipse() but linked to a Py5Graphics object. To see example code for how it can be used, see ellipse().

Underlying Processing method: PGraphics.ellipse


ellipse(a: float, b: float, c: float, d: float, /) -> None


  • a: float - x-coordinate of the ellipse

  • b: float - y-coordinate of the ellipse

  • c: float - width of the ellipse by default

  • d: float - height of the ellipse by default

Updated on November 12, 2021 11:30:58am UTC