Returns the three-dimensional X, Y, Z position in model space.


Returns the three-dimensional X, Y, Z position in model space. This returns the Z value for a given coordinate based on the current set of transformations (scale, rotate, translate, etc.) The Z value can be used to place an object in space relative to the location of the original point once the transformations are no longer in use.

To see an example for how this can be used, see model_y(). In that example, the model_x(), model_y(), and model_z() methods (which are analogous to the Py5Graphics.model_x(), Py5Graphics.model_y(), and model_z() methods) record the location of a box in space after being placed using a series of translate and rotate commands. After pop_matrix() is called, those transformations no longer apply, but the (x, y, z) coordinate returned by the model functions is used to place another box in the same location.

This method is the same as model_z() but linked to a Py5Graphics object.

Underlying Processing method: PGraphics.modelZ


model_z(x: float, y: float, z: float, /) -> float


  • x: float - 3D x-coordinate to be mapped

  • y: float - 3D y-coordinate to be mapped

  • z: float - 3D z-coordinate to be mapped

Updated on November 12, 2021 11:30:58am UTC