Reads the color of any pixel or grabs a section of an Py5Graphics object canvas.


Reads the color of any pixel or grabs a section of an Py5Graphics object canvas. If no parameters are specified, the entire canvas is returned. Use the x and y parameters to get the value of one pixel. Get a section of the Py5Graphics drawing surface by specifying additional w and h parameters. When getting an image, the x and y parameters define the coordinates for the upper-left corner of the returned image, regardless of the current Py5Graphics.image_mode().

If the pixel requested is outside of the Py5Graphics object canvas, black is returned. The numbers returned are scaled according to the current color ranges, but only RGB values are returned by this function. For example, even though you may have drawn a shape with color_mode(HSB), the numbers returned will be in RGB format.

If a width and a height are specified, get(x, y, w, h) returns a Py5Image corresponding to the part of the original Py5Image where the top left pixel is at the (x, y) position with a width of w a height of h.

Getting the color of a single pixel with get(x, y) is easy, but not as fast as grabbing the data directly from Py5Graphics.pixels[] or Py5Graphics.np_pixels[]. The equivalent statement to get(x, y) using Py5Graphics.pixels[] is pixels[y*width+x]. Using Py5Graphics.np_pixels[] it is np_pixels[y, x]. See the reference for Py5Graphics.pixels[] and Py5Graphics.np_pixels[] for more information.

This method is the same as get() but linked to a Py5Graphics object. To see example code for how it can be used, see get().

Underlying Processing method: PGraphics.get


get() -> Py5Image
get(x: int, y: int, /) -> int
get(x: int, y: int, w: int, h: int, /) -> Py5Image


  • h: int - height of pixel rectangle to get

  • w: int - width of pixel rectangle to get

  • x: int - x-coordinate of the pixel

  • y: int - y-coordinate of the pixel

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